frills, frills, frills

~ modelling a birthday present, panties.jpg

this frilly girlie panty was a slumber-party hit!

… we are awaiting reports on this panty’s success-rate for instigating bedroom-antics.

uh-oh, peek-a-boo!

kim (2).jpg someone couldn’t resist showing off her golden-sunny-ladynip! that’s what you get for bragging about your holiday-tan and holiday-antics to ladyparts !

little brown nipple meet the world …

ladycleavage, such a lovely sight!

ladies love looking at each other’s ladyparts, especially lady-cleave, little, big, full, pert, dressed, undessed … ladycleave1.jpg we love to share and compare!

Viva la difference!
thanks for this pic of your pretty-titties in their little-black-dresses, that must have been one swell christmas party!

and look, they’ve made friends, how cute!

we love the tighty-whities!

ass (2).jpg Ahhhh, ladyparts and white cotton trousers are a happy match!
We are soooo looking forward to spingtime!

don’t be shy, heave those ladyparts to their glory

bcleave.jpg taking cue from the inspirational words of some fine ladies, she made it happen :
“Push it good
p-p-p-push it real good
Ah, push it
*Get up on this!*
Boy, you really got me going
You got me so I don’t know what I’m doing
Ah, push it”

littlelady, they’re lookin’ as loverly as evah!

in a battle of forces, gravity is clearly no match for compression!

her ladyparts are cookin’

erinegg.jpg ladyparts lend themselves to making pastries … mmmm do I see an egg nestling? happy happy egg, incubating with miss e, never wanting to grow up and leave its nest-ling!

that’s one hot apron! whew …

ladyparts with GOOD m.d.v.

kim1.jpg the ladies of ladyparts “lubb” you for taking it off!

what cute putty!

that ol’ jump-suit loves & misses the feeling of your sweet ladyparts

… is that a whimper we hear coming from the closet

‘fill me up, fill me up’ a sad, lonely lil’ jumpsuit calls out in the night!

ladylegs are made for … struttin’

education in ladyparts:número dos

– heels+stockings are a natural extension of the ladylegs legs.jpg

with ladylegs like this, we recommend skirting the skirt and feeling the of tickle of happy-go-lucky gust!


education in ladyparts: número uno ladyparts1.jpg

– you must love thy ladycurves, make friendlies with them,
make friendlies often, because the more luv you give, the more luv you get, or so we’re told ….

hooray for ladyparts